Unlike most other recruitment consultancies, we define clients as both organisations and candidates because we appreciate that both are of equal importance to our business. In order to achieve a successful outcome it is crucial that we fully understand both organisations and candidate’s needs. The assumption that many recruitment businesses make is that if they play a ‘numbers game’ – more organisations and more candidates – the more revenue they will generate. This is not our approach, as we believe what happens in this situation is that both organisations and candidates are given a ‘watered down’ service. How can you effectively get to know and understand an organisation if, as a consultant, you are dealing with twenty others? You simply cannot! In the same way, you cannot deal with thousands of candidates. It is just not feasible. This is why we have set clear parameters for both the organisations and candidates that we seek to engage with. They are:

Organisation Profile

Organisations who will work with us to find the right candidates
Organisations who work hard to retain quality individuals
Organisations who take recruitment seriously and appreciate the benefits that
successful recruitment can bring
Organisations that are embarking on major procurement change programmes

Candidate Profile

Individuals who are serious about their career in their chosen field
Individuals who consistently outperform their peer group
Individuals who will work in collaboration with us to find the right organisation

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